How To Manage Studies & Sanity At Home

How To Manage Studies & Sanity At Home
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    COVID-19 has had profound impacts on the world as a whole.

    As a student, your life has also been turned upside down as your school's physical location is shuttered and you shelter in place.


Here is some advice on how to get through these unprecedented times.

Stay Motivated at Home

Just because you are not in a formal classroom does not mean that you cannot come close to replicating the experience on your own. The key to maintaining your level of motivation comes from the steps that you take to organize your environment.

Try to create your own learning space for learning that reflects some of the formalities of learning. If possible, make your own workplace using a desk that you keep organized at all times. The organization should also extend to making a schedule for yourself to be “in class” and study time that you can follow.

By being as professional as you can under the circumstances, you can make online learning closely resemble the in-person experience. You should have a plan going into each day that breaks the time into different tasks.

Use Campus Resources

This is certainly a most challenging time for students, as it is for people at any stage in their life in all part of the globe.

Your campus likely has various resources that can help you through difficult times from mental health to lifestyle needs like storage or access to study materials like computers and printers.

From an academic perspective, this could be in the form of study support that can counsel you and give advice on how best to deal with the situation. Check with your campus to see if there are options for what you’re in need of.

You may also be worried from a financial standpoint because you may have student loans to pay on during this challenging economic situation.

You may have even lost your means of support as many have been laid off from their employment, and campus perks are no longer available. The good news is that with the CARES Act that recently passed all federal loan payments have been paused.

While the CARES Act doesn’t directly include private loans, many lenders are putting student support above profit and have created new options to be flexible with payments on private student loans during the challenging economic time we’re in.

Lenders like Ascent Student Loans and others in the private space have recently released their plans, which are typically allowing three months forbearance and other options depending on the lender.

Stay Connected

Just because you are not physically present does not mean that you cannot remain connected. Many campuses are doing the best that they can to provide a virtual experience for students even when they are not on campuses. They may offer activities over Zoom or other ways of sharing experiences.

Sometimes, just staying in touch with friends is enough to maintain a sense of normalcy. Human contact can come in any one of a number of different forms even if it is not face-to-face. Try to talk to your friends as often as you can when you are in your home because it will brighten your day and remind you that you have plenty in your life.

Without regular activity and interaction, you may end feeling isolated. This will exacerbate feelings of stress during this difficult time. Instead, try to create as much of a virtual life for yourself as you can using Zoom and your mobile device.

other valuable tips:

Practice Self-Care

While you must remain in your home to stay well, the orders do not prohibit you from getting some fresh air and exercise so long as you maintain the proper distancing. In fact, sunlight is a necessity for many people who may end up feeling depressed without it. If you are able, try to set some time each day to go for a walk and enjoy the spring weather.

Self-care can also involve using relaxation techniques to improve your mood. Daily meditation is one way to make yourself feel more centered. Taking care of yourself emotionally and mentally is the key to getting through this difficult period. This can impact your well-being and physical health, and it does not take much to spiral into a depression as the world seems to be in chaos.

There are plenty of resources to help you until things improve and life returns to normal. Keep connected and know that there is nothing with asking for help when you need it. Most of all, you are your own best resource as you make a life for yourself and do what you must to stay well.

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