Why Writing Letters Can Improve Your Relationships

Why Writing Letters Can Improve Your Relationships
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    Handwritten letters may seem old-school, but the truth is, they are one of the easiest, most meaningful ways to communicate with those closest to you.


Sending a text, messaging through your socials, and even emailing may all be sufficient for your day-to-day conversations, but if you want to say something long-lasting and with deep meaning, send a physical letter.

Here are a few examples of important people you may have in your life and why writing letters can improve your relationships with them.


You may be the type of person who has dozens of good friends, or you may be the kind with a few close ones. Either way, you have friends you care about.

The bond of friendship is something you work to create over time. Often, your best friend knows more about you than anyone else. Yet, no matter how many words you’ve exchanged, a handwritten letter can help you solidify the relationship in a way a quick text can’t.

Try affirming them and your relationship with them through the years, reminiscing on fun times together. Use inside jokes to enhance the feeling of connectedness.


Unlike your friends, your connection with your grandparents is one formed through family and time. No matter the current state of your relationship with them, writing your grandparents is a surefire way to grow closer.

Consider sending your grandparents a letter regularly, updating them on the events that happen in your day, the new people you meet, or the interesting fact you learned in class.

Especially if you live farther away from them, writing a letter to your grandma or grandpa will significantly brighten their day.


Your romantic partner is someone you try to communicate your affection and care to constantly. Whether this is your first relationship or your fiftieth, your romantic interest is someone who would feel cherished through a handwritten letter. You can use a letter to communicate how much you like them by writing out your favorite things about them.

Maybe you’ve moved forward in your relationship and are living with or married to your partner. Try writing romantic messages to your wife and affirming the things you love about her.

other valuable tips:

One way to switch it up is to experiment with writing shorter messages to your partner and hiding them around the house or sneaking them into their bag. There are many ways to use the power of a physical letter through all the years of your relationship together.

Though there are clearly many reasons why writing letters can improve your relationships, it takes practice and initiative to make it work. Handwriting letters to the close people in your life is no one-time thing, especially in relationships you are committed to for the long haul. But with commitment over time, watch as your friends, family, and partners react with appreciation and affection when you love and affirm them with a letter.

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