Decisions, Decisions: How to Update Your College Habits

Decisions, Decisions: How to Update Your College Habits
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    Moving out for college is a big step. It is your first chance at independence; your first taste of real adult life.

    As you enter the real world, it is important to realize that you need to leave your high school self behind.


In fact, there are several specific habits that you need to change as you begin the next chapter of your life. Injecting some new habits into your every day life will help you save some cash now for the future, making your transition into post-grad life less stressed.


Now that you are living on your own, you are responsible for paying most or all of your own bills. As a high school student, making a few bucks after school to buy shoes or electronics was the only thing on your mind. Now that you are in the real world, you need to pay your bills first. Take advantage of your college library as early as possible. You can even forego individual internet access and use the free internet your college offers. Another great way to save some dough is to purchase used text books. Search online for some great deals on Amazon or eBay and find your books for cheap.


In addition to cutting costs, you also need to decide where it is smart to spend your money. A great investment is to sign up for identity theft protection, such as with Lifelock, as soon as you move out. Identity theft protection will prevent you from having to deal with the huge burden of getting your identity stolen. These companies will guard your personal information and ensure a secure future. The minimal monthly cost is worth every penny.

Evaluate the tuition costs before you choose which college to attend. The important thing is that you are getting a good education, which every college can offer. You do not want to start out your adult life with loans that you will have to be paying back for the next 25 years.


Just because you no longer have parents telling you what to do every minute of the day that does not mean that you should throw all rules out of the window. Rules are there for a reason; to keep you safe and healthy. While you should allow yourself some freedom, be mindful of everything your parents have spent the last 18 years teaching you. This is especially true when it comes to food. Better eating choices will not only save you money, but will save you from gaining the time honored Freshmen Fifteen.


Your mooch days are over. From buying your own pack of gum to paying for other necessities, it’s important to learn some new financial responsibilities. Remember, every student there has to pay for their own stuff, too. They are not working hard and cutting their costs to provide gum for you. This applies to many different items, including cigarettes and food. You are an adult now. You need to provide your own way.

Now that you understand many of the habits that you need to change as you enter college, it is time to take these newly learned skills to heart. The quicker you can adjust to the college lifestyle, the better your experience will be. What other habits have you had to change since you entered college?


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