The Top 5 Off-Campus College Jobs to Apply For Now

The Top 5 Off-Campus College Jobs to Apply For Now
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    Juggling a job with their college course load is something many students have to do.

    Some studies suggest that if you hold down a part-time job during your higher education years, you could get better grades!


When you have to balance two essential activities in your life, like making money and school, you learn how to better structure your schedule. Working is also beneficial to your need for social interaction to concentrate on your studies in your free time.

If you’re looking for part-time work and aren’t sure which direction to go, check out these five off-campus jobs. They’re popular, so apply for them now!

1. Cashier

It’s almost a rite of passage to work as a cashier at some point in your life. Although we often take those working behind the cash register for granted, this job teaches you a lot of skills!

Working in a small business, a grocery store, or a restaurant as the person in charge of the money are great experiences. You are developing critical soft and hard skills in this role.

As you become proficient in your job, you’ll pick up the ability to do things like:

  1. interact with others on a professional and personal level
  2. handle money transactions
  3. solve customer service problems
  4. keep to a schedule
  5. work together as a team and see how all the employees are important to the company’s success

Service with a smile isn’t always possible, no matter how likable and friendly you are. But working in this position teaches you a lot.

You’ll learn how to handle unruly and disgruntled people politely, which will help you no matter what career path you take!

2. Tutor

If you’re one of the few with the magical mix of knowing how to excel in a subject and how to teach others to be successful, tutoring might be the job for you.

Finding the right tutoring fit for your skills is very flexible! Tutoring positions can be on and off-campus, working for the institution you are going to school at, or even privately offered.

Online tutoring at places like or Chegg is another excellent option! All you have to do is choose the subject you want to tutor and pass a knowledge-based test to prove your competence.

When you tutor privately or online, you can usually work around your class schedule easily. If academics are fun for you, you can help make them enjoyable for others, too!

3. Babysitting

Many people view babysitting as a “cushy” job, but this is actually a position that comes with a lot of high-pressure responsibility. There’s nothing else quite as important as being in charge of a little human life, whether the child is yours or someone else’s.

Before you decide to interview for a local babysitting position, make sure you have qualifications. The parents are going to expect you to prove you’re responsible. Have recommendations from others who know you and get your first-aid and CPR certifications.

Don’t just take on any babysitting job, though. Look for regular work or work that comes from people you know. Make sure the times you’re on duty work around your school hours. Talk to the parents and let them know you may need to be flexible during your crunch-time.

Transportation is another crucial part of taking a babysitting job. Unless you’re planning on staying at the house once you get there, and the kids are already on-site, you may need to travel.

Ask ahead before accepting the position to see about expectations. You may need to run your charges to practices, recitals, parks, and other excursions. Be sure to include transportation costs in your rates, if so.

4. Restaurant Work

Like with being a cashier, restaurant work teaches you the critical skills you’ll need throughout life. The hectic pace of a busy dining area is an environment unlike any you’ve probably worked in before.

It’s hard to predict when you’ll have dead periods, or when everyone decides they all want to eat at the same time. Whether you’re a cashier, cook, or wait staff, you’ll feel the brunt of the pressure of busy periods!

But this brisk pace will give you lots of experience with the public. You’ll learn how to juggle many tasks at once, remember orders and requests, and act professionally under stress.

Many jobs in the future will see this time in the field of restaurant work as a definite advantage on your resume. This is especially true if you stay there for a while and have supervisor recommendations.

5. Office Assistant

Office assistant jobs can be hard to come by, depending on your area. If you see one available and it interests you, it’s best to apply quickly!

Working in administrative environments offers many advantages you can use in your career later. You can find these coveted positions as part-time work in medical or legal offices, where the full-time staff are too busy to do menial tasks.

As you help them with their responsibilities, you’ll learn the ins and outs of a busy practice. Chances are, you’ll juggle phone calls, client or patient interactions, and office work. You’ll likely learn their software programs and get a crash course in security expectations and privacy laws.

This is even better if you can find an opening in the field you plan to enter upon graduating. An internship is great, but this would be a paid position doing the same thing!

And if you can get into the spot before you’ve spent years getting educated for the job, it’ll help you decide if it’s genuinely the career for you.

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If you’re one of the many students who have to work while going to school, you want a job you’ll look forward to. Working and balancing schoolwork is key for your character-building skills. Yet, life is always sweeter when you enjoy what you’re doing.

These five off-campus jobs are some of the most popular positions for university students. Have your resume ready, and if you see them offered, apply fast!

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