Best Jobs for College Students

Best Jobs for College Students
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    College can be a fun yet challenging time in a young student's life. Not only are they busy trying to earn their degree, but many are also having to work while still in school.


Student living expenses, such as tuition, books, activities, and food, can add up rather quickly. One of the best ways for students to stay on top of their bill is to work a job while in college. This may be tricky for some depending on their school schedules, but here are seven positions that are some of the best working options for college students.  


Cleaning opens a door for multiple hours of work. Whether you work for a specific cleaner or start your own business, many places who require cleaning will need you in the afternoon or evening. Companies and organizations may even let you come clean late at night; however, homeowners are more likely to ask you to come during the day when no one is home.


While waiting on tables or working in restaurants seem like typical college student jobs, they can often be the most rewarding with the extra income you receive. Not only will you make an hourly wage, but you may also collect tips from each table you serve.

Your spirit and demeanor can impact the amount customers choose to give you; this means you have the potential to make more or less money each shift.


The transportation industry can be an around the clock operation, which opens different spots that are available for hire. You could do work that deals with the loading and unloading of trucks.

Many of these roles will be manual labor by moving the freight by hand, but some may allow for a forklift or hand truck to be used.

The positions for truck driving jobs to move the product from the warehouse to the consumers can be lucrative jobs as well. These operations can be part-time, full time, or even seasonal, which makes them ideal for a busy college schedule. 

Pet Sitter

For those who love animals, pet sitting may be the perfect option. While college is probably not the best time to own a pet, caring for someone else’s can help satisfy your want for one. Dog walking is a popular choice among young people because it does not require any previous training or experience. Those who are more familiar with owning pets often open up their own home to watch them, and some are even willing to house the animals overnight. 


Tutoring may not be the best job for everybody, but for those who are in education programs, this can be especially helpful. For those who are knowledgeable and able to share their knowledge, helping fellow classmates can be rewarding. Whether you mentor students in grade school, high school, or college, you can make your own schedule and have an hourly rate.


Most nanny positions are afternoon jobs where you are needed to watch the children after school. Depending on the age of the child, and permission from your employer, you may also be allowed to work on your class assignments while watching the kids. Nannying also opens the door to extra hours when you may be asked to babysit for a date night or full-day business trip.

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Working in sales can be a great choice for college students because of how much you can earn. Many sales jobs will offer a commission based on your sales made per pay period. The harder you work, the more money you have the potential to earn.

Some days may be harder than others, but there is a constant opportunity to make extra money through the time and effort you put into your work. Those who have good personalities can be great at this job, and it is an easy one to start during your college years.

When looking for a good college job, something that is flexible with hours and times can be extremely important. Remember to look into these occupations first before taking a position that may not work for you.

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