What Your Jewelry Says About You

What Your Jewelry Says About You
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    When you think about your style, what comes to mind?

    Are you aiming for a particular aesthetic, or are you focused on building outfits piece by piece?

    Although they may seem small, jewelry can have a massive impact on the styles we wear.


Simple accessories or statement pieces can bring an outfit together or add a new trendsetting twist. To learn more about these accessories and how they influence outfits, read our guide on what your jewelry says about you.

You Have an Eye for Detail

If you have an eye for detail, you gravitate toward small, intricate jewelry that matches and complements other elements of your fashion and style. Those with an eye for detail will also focus on every aspect of their jewelry to enhance their outfit’s texture, movement, and color tones.

Jewelry is the final puzzle piece to complete precisely planned and calculated outfits. Charm bracelets are commonly worn by those who identify with a detailed-oriented personality.

You Are a Professional

If you prefer the finer things in life, you may wear more expensive metals and jewelry to show off your professional sophistication. Wearing small but elegant jewelry pieces can elevate average business wear to appear more serious and mature.

Wearing jewelry sets of earrings, necklaces, and rings that match similar color palettes communicates to people that you are focused, organized, and put together.

You Are a Creative Soul

Do standard silver hoops bore you? Are you resistant to earring studs or pearl necklaces? Do you like to mix silver, gold, and other metals when you build an outfit?If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you most likely identify as a creative personality.

While professional personalities often wear jewelry based on others’ opinions, creative personalities focus on wearing jewelry to express themselves through fashion. Creative personalities experiment with different textures and materials of jewelry to reflect their adventurous nature. If you are drawn to jewelry such as hand-painted acrylic earrings or ceramic necklaces, you are a classic, creative soul.

You Are a Minimalist

Sometimes less is more. If you are a true minimalistic personality, you will seek out jewelry with a function.

For example, watches are a versatile accessory common among those with a minimalistic style. Those who prefer minimalism will avoid jewelry with a high bling factor and gravitate toward simple statement pieces that balance their overall outfit.

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While creative personalities crave expressing their inner selves and professional personalities prefer maturing their appearance, minimalists are not concerned with how their jewelry reflects their personality, maturity, or fashion. Instead, minimalists will focus on how their style can make their day more effective and efficient.

It’s strange how much jewelry says about your personality. Whether you prefer to pack on mixed colors and metals or itch at the idea of uncoordinated rings, the accessories you wear make a significant impact on your outfit. Consider whether you value function, sophistication, or experimentation in your fashion to identify which of these personalities most suits your style.

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