Innovative Ways To Help Improve the Classroom Experience

Innovative Ways To Help Improve the Classroom Experience
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    The college classroom experience can be overwhelming, especially for incoming first-year students.

    Students come from all walks of life and highly-varied classroom backgrounds.


From administrators to teachers, schools should work together to find solutions to ensure students have the best possible chance to succeed.

Here are some innovative ways to help improve the classroom experience and propel students on the road to success.

Empower Students Through Social Media

Students’ lives are increasingly spent on digital platforms, and social media is one of the most prominent spots where they congregate. Schools should be attempting to reach out to their students on these platforms, as social media presents one of the best opportunities for two-way communication. 

Social media helps answer questions when students have trouble with enrollment and admission processes. Having a robust online presence is also helpful in providing a glimpse into campus life, clubs, events, and many other aspects of college living.

Implement Apps in the Classroom

Schools can construct a learning environment that helps students thrive with the aid of mobile app development. The increasing usage of smartphones throughout the world presents the opportunity for consolidated platforms universities can employ to increase student retention and improve the learning experience.

Dedicated apps can help students build their schedules and find their classrooms, help teachers connect directly with their students answering questions, network with peers, stay up to date on events, and many other beneficial tasks.

If your school doesn’t currently have an app, consider hiring an outside digital firm or petitioning your I.T. department to create one.

Improve Your Classroom’s Lighting

Colleges across America range in age from a few years to centuries, and these older facilities can present challenges to students looking to remain focused in class. One of the biggest culprits for poor performance is dismally lit classrooms from compact fluorescent bulbs or CFLs. These CFLs may flicker, distracting students. They can also look incredibly dim, obscuring whiteboards and making it harder for students to see.

If you are an administrator, you should consider replacing old and outdated lighting fixtures with LED lights in classrooms and hallways. Not only can these lights save your school money on energy costs, but they brighten the classroom, helping to improve students’ focus and reduce eye strain.

Provide a Flexible Learning Environment

Many college classes encourage students to divide themselves into groups to complete projects. Unfortunately, these group interactions can sometimes be challenging for more introverted students and lead to poor performance due to a lack of motivation and inability to speak out. 

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This same process can also lead to more unsatisfactory overall performance for the groups. Teachers can occasionally implement a hybrid model, where introverted students can work alone while more extroverted students can gather in groups. This model of classroom participation can help both types of students thrive when it comes to group projects.

These are just some innovative ways to help improve the classroom experience. Administrators and teachers should always be on the lookout for different methods to improve student performance.

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