College Advice That Remains Largely Unspoken

College Advice That Remains Largely Unspoken
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    If you want to succeed at college, then following much of the tried and true advice you hear is wise.

    But that advice may not cover everything about college life, leaving you wondering if something unspoken should be said.


With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of tips that fall outside of the commonly mentioned box, but are entirely helpful to students such as yourself.

Ease your pedal off the metal. You are a studious student, never failing to get your papers done early and your exam study time in. You have the grades to show for it and for that you should be glad. At the same time, you may not be especially good at taking a break, especially when a break is available to you. Therefore, this spring break give yourself a real break and find something totally unrelated to your studies to enjoy. Notably, you will come return to your studies refreshed and with a better overall perspective on life in general.

Do not allow your college to define you. There is nothing wrong with finding at least some of your identity in your college. Still, it is important that you have your own identify, because college life will soon be over and you will need to navigate through your career. Certainly, alumni may help you along the way, but break out of your inner circle to reach out to people who are are in the greater community. Moreover, you will have a richer life to show for it.

Restrict your media involvement. Social media, television, radio and print media are among the ways we involve ourselves with all things media. Specifically, your personal involvement in any one of these areas can impact how well you perform with your studies and consume much of your academic time. Personally restrict your media involvement and you will be better student and a happier one too.

Recognize that you are in a transition. It is okay: you are just of high school and not quite ready to launch a career. Indeed, college can seem like a long interlude between youth and adulthood. And it may seem that you are stuck between two worlds. Well, you are — college can help you grow into the person you are becoming, while giving you a chance to ease away from the child you once were.

Make friends, develop lifelong friendships. You can go through college pursuing the things that are important to you, but if those “things” do not include friends, then you are the poorer for it. Show yourself friendly, move outside of your comfort zone and begin to build relationships with fellow students. Truly, friends can lift each other up, offering valuable assistance throughout the many stages of life that follow college.

Modify your class schedule. Is your schedule of classes suitable to you? As a college freshman, you had little choice on what classes to take and when. By the second semester of your sophomore year, that begins to change. And with that change comes an opportunity to set your own schedule. Surely, take classes when you are most productive, whether that be morning, afternoon or night. Your schedule may differ from what your friends have, but if you are more efficient at other times of the day, then you can respond accordingly.

Think of your life after college. There is something so very intoxicating about college — you are in this well-protected bubble and you really do not want to break out of it. Who can blame you? However, the bubble will some day burst and you will obtain your degree and move on. It is important that you consider your plans before you graduate, to set your course in life. Likewise, give careful consideration to what you want to do and your options. If you do, then you will be in a better position when it comes time to graduate.

The Spoken Word

Oh, yes, there are other matters about college life that often go unspoken or at least are not given the attention that they deserve. For instance, matters of finances, personal health, communicating with your roommate and other students, and academic attainment may not receive the proper attention. In fact, make a point to consider those matters of importance to you and to seek answers to those questions you don’t often ask.

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