Why Ethical Hacking Is An Amazing Choice Among Other Jobs?

Why Ethical Hacking Is An Amazing Choice Among Other Jobs?
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    Cyberattacks are on the rise, and organizations want ethical hackers to protect their data against black hat hackers who engage in illegal activities.

    The truth is being one of them is not easy.

    It requires an extensive amount of training, studying, and practice.


Consider these five reasons to discover ethical hacking and see if building a career around it is for you if you’re unsure whether it is.

Reasons Why You Should Pursue an Ethical Hacking Career!

1. Get a sense of a hacker’s mind!

Developing ethical hacking skills can have a significant impact on how corporate networks are secured and improved. In cybersecurity, black hat hackers pose the greatest danger for any company. Identifying and prioritizing potential threats can be done by understanding how they operate.

The reality is that a network cannot be free from all attacks. Due to ethical hacking skills, Cybersecurity professionals can create a limited amount of resources and limit the impact of any potential threat. It is possible to develop this mindset by training in ethical hacking.

2. Discover new techniques and methods!

It is possible to learn about ample security options if you ethically hack into the system, rather than resulting in a security breach.

If you take a proper approach, you can learn the best security practices to follow and how to apply new concepts such as:

  • How to hack a smartphone
  • Linux and Windows
  • Security Testing for Web Applications
  • Hacking Strategies

This knowledge can stand you in good stead as you advance in your career and when you decide to exchange platforms.

3. Ensures quality and contributes to development!

A new product is often left vulnerable to theft and hacking due to stakeholders’ aversion to security testing. The best industry practices and quick, efficient, and comprehensive security testing can be performed by an ethical hacker on board.

Studying ethical hacking can also help with finding ways to solve common vulnerabilities through tools, which are developed by hackers and quality assurance testers. Further, developers are taught about coding errors they should avoid by learning about these tools.

4. Pay package worth working for!  

An ethical hacker’s annual salary is an average of $71,331 per year, according to INFOSEC Institute. You will be more likely to find a career in Cybersecurity if you learn ethical hacking, as the Internet security industry is forecast to hire 3.5 million unfilled positions globally by 2021.

Plus, there is a greater demand for Cybersecurity professionals than there are available. That’s maybe why companies are willing to pay above-average salaries to recruit cybersecurity experts to protect their sensitive information.

5. There’s no limit to what you can accomplish!

It is possible to work as an ethical hacker for any industry. The Fortune 500 offers opportunities for career advancement, as well as the chance to start your own business.

Furthermore, ethical hacking might be the right place to start if you want to travel the world. Due to a global cyber-attack explosion, a lack of ethical hackers is outpacing the demand. Cybersecurity professionals are therefore in great demand.

Don’t forget one thing: There is anything illegal about the hacking practice you are engaging in; it is a good thing to do. Finding that a system can be hacked into requires reporting such information to the higher authorities rather than taking benefits from it for your selfish financial gain.

Apart from securing your organization, gaining access to another system can also provide an adrenaline rush.

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The Takeaway!

As you know by now, learning ethical hacking has become an important aspect of online security. The cyber-world is booming, so being familiar with ethical hacking and other technological concepts will help you prepare for a plethora of new jobs.

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Neha Singh is the Founder & CEO of Securium Solutions with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. She is skilled in ECSA, Vulnerability Management, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Management, and Business Development. She loves traveling and trekking.

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