Why Students Should Learn How To Use Public Transportation

Why Students Should Learn How To Use Public Transportation
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    Students should learn how to use public transportation for many reasons.

    It’s a key life skill that can benefit you in both the short and long term.


Even if you have a car, a bike, or live close enough to walk to campus, you may wonder why students should learn how to use public transportation. It’s a life skill that will stick with you for the next decades to come, assuming we still use buses in 2047.

Easier To Travel the World

First off, there are many places worldwide where public transportation is standard and essential to use. You won’t always have easy access to an Uber. Compared to the small percentage of US cities with decent public transit, countries worldwide have phenomenal transportation networks. Once you learn how to use it now, you’ll make your future travel experiences more fun.

Get It Over With

Navigating public transportation is a superpower that you can learn how to harness. It’ll only get more awkward if you try to learn later in life. Grab a group of friends, form a transit coven, and learn how to get around town together. If you ever backpack through Europe or Southeastern Asia, you’ll be glad you already learned how to ride public transport!

Ability to Multi-Task

There will be days that you’re running late or have procrastinated doing your homework a little bit too much. Using public transportation allows you to take care of other tasks when you don’t need to pay attention to the road. You could use this time to review for a test, check your email, or text a friend. If you have finished everything, you can listen to music or relax.

Makes Streets Less Congested

In contrast to everyone driving their vehicles, buses and trains take up a lot less space. A single bus is maybe two to three car lengths, but it can easily hold two to three dozen people. The more people opt to use public transportation, the less traffic the roads and drivers will experience.

More Affordable

If you only travel short distances, using public transportation is a lot cheaper than owning and maintaining a car. You won’t need to pay for gas, parking passes, car insurance, and regular maintenance. Most buses also allow you to store your bike on the front of the vehicle, so you could save time by biking to the bus stop and riding the rest of the way.

Learn To Be More Independent

Although it’s similar to riding a school bus, there are still some significant differences between public transit and school bus routes. The history of school buses isn’t as long as public transit, but traveling via yellow bus still plays a part in how children learn to navigate in the world.

It takes some planning to connect the correct paths to get to your final destination. Learning how to ride the bus system helps you become more independent as you explore places you haven’t been before and try new things.

All students should learn how to use public transportation. The best time to new something new is now, especially for something that can make such a big difference in the rest of your life.

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