How to Stand Out During an Audition for Your College Play

How to Stand Out During an Audition for Your College Play
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    All the world's a stage, and you want to be part of the show. With auditions coming up for the college play you want to be in, it's time to get serious.


You want to make a memorable impression on the casting team. We’re here to help!

Below are three sections of tips for you to stand out during your audition.

  1. Presentation: Your appearance and impression
  2. Personality: Your attitude and off-stage demeanor
  3. Performance: Your audition and on-stage demeanor


How you present yourself has everything to do with how you’re perceived. Make a list of three to five words that perfectly represent the character you’re auditioning for.

Let them become your character brand for the entire audition. The brand you create and take on will illustrate that you can become the character you’re trying out for. Every move you make off-stage should align with the character and then when you’re auditioning bring that branding up to the next level.

For example, say the role you want has a character brand that’s bright, funny, and friendly. Be those things while you’re waiting for your turn to audition. When your time comes, get on stage and be brilliant, hilarious, and everyone’s friend.

Also, do not be late. Being even a little late is very unprofessional. You’ll make an impression, but not a good one, so be on time.

It would be even better to arrive at the location a little earlier than scheduled. This will show you’re dedicated and serious about the role and your acting career.

Finally, while it may not be possible to fully dress as the character would, you should find as many ways to mirror his or her look as you can.

No, you probably shouldn’t rent an expensive ball gown if you’re auditioning for the role of a queen, but if you still have and fit into your prom dress, then you’ll look the part. If you can’t wear a prom dress, try to find a tiara or a dress-up crown.


Attitude is another heavily weighted part of a good impression. Confidence is sexy and draws people in. Even if part of the character brand calls for you to be shy, be confidently shy.

Okay, that’s an oxymoron, but the point is that whatever your brand is, be that with no room for doubt. Be your character brand as if that is who you are all the time.

Speak to everyone, especially to the people orchestrating the audition. Wish everyone else who’s there to audition well by saying "break a leg," as it’s taboo to say "good luck" in theatre.

Be aware of what you say without words; body language is still communication. Listen attentively instead of just waiting for your turn to speak. Connect with directors and casting crew on a genuine and human level.

Ask them important questions like “how to get an acting agent?” Tell them "thank you," when you’re done with your audition. Make eye contact when you talk to anyone and never break your brand.


Know the role you’re auditioning for inside and out. Read the full script as many times as you can in the days before the audition. Do some research about the entire production and have some insight like why the playwright put a certain scene in the first act.

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Make a bold and dramatic move, but practice it first. Doing something risky and unexpected is a sure way to be remembered.

But attempting and failing won’t be as effective. So, when you practice your audition material, plan the bold move you want to add in and practice doing that too.

Be prepared to improvise if you’re asked to do a different piece than what you’ve been practicing with. Also, if you’re asked to do something in the audition that you don’t like, remember that you’re auditioning and not directing. Be adaptable and go with the flow.

One last tip that cannot be emphasized enough: memorize your material. No matter what the part is or how well you portray your character brand, not knowing the audition material by heart is more likely to be seen as insincere about the role, especially if it’s a monolog.

Wrapping Up

Now you’re ready for the audition. Stay positive and in character. You’ve got this, sp get out there and break a leg!

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