Why the Arts are Crucial for Education at All Levels

Why the Arts are Crucial for Education at All Levels
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    These days, a greater and greater focus is being placed on STEM academics (science, technology, engineering, and math), to the point where it seems as if there's no longer a place for the arts.

    Whenever budget cuts need to be made in schools, it's the music or theater department that is usually the first to suffer.


Despite this reality, study after study has shown that participating in the arts can lead to a wide variety of skills necessary not just in school but also as an adult forging a career.

Even if a student intends to follow a more scientific path, maintaining a well-roundedness through artistic pursuits can help them find success in all facets of life.

Finding Professional Success

Developing a keen artistic side can be an important part of becoming successful in a chosen career. Piedmont president Dr. James Mellichamp, for example, began his career studying music in college, eventually earning a doctorate.

He joined Piedmont College as a visiting assistant professor in 1982; by 2012, he rose through the ranks and was named president of the university.

Since then, Piedmont has seen historic growth of its academic programs, and not just those in the arts. New majors in nearly all disciplines have been added during his tenure, and the college’s prominence has grown as a result.

Through all this, Dr. Mellichamp managed to continue performing in prestigious concert halls and remaining active as an educator.

Much of this professional and personal achievement can be attributed to the skills he gained from his time wading through the artistic world.

Gaining Confidence and Capability

The question remains: how exactly did the arts contribute to that success? As it turns out, students who have performed in theater or an orchestra, who have written stories or poetry, end up gaining a multitude of skills that contribute to their confidence and capability in all facets of life:

  • Learning to connect:

    Artists must learn to successfully connect with an audience. Whether through a piece of writing or an emotional painting, the final product must be something that resonates with people. This easily translates to the business world. Companies must appeal to a wide base. Having staff members who know what makes people tick is crucial to the company’s success.

  • Time management:

    Learning to schedule in time to act in a play, perform in a band, or even just find time to write among a hundred other responsibilities teaches students to use their time productively as they juggle complicated schedules.

  • Self-discipline:

    No one starts a skill at the expert level. It takes hours, sometimes years, of practice to master something. Those who wish to play piano, master modern dance, or publish a story in a magazine know this best. That ability to motivate the self contributes to success in a future career.

  • Emotional maturity:

    Being an adult often means having the emotional maturity to deal with difficult situations. Whether it be accepting criticism, building humility, or learning empathy for others, arts can teach everyone to be open-minded and mature in their interactions with others.

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Without a doubt, the arts are a crucial part of education. If everyone were to take the time to practice an artistic skill, it would not be long before the advantages became obvious to everyone.

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