What Are the Best Holidays for Furniture Sales?

What Are the Best Holidays for Furniture Sales?


When you move into your first apartment during college, you’ll immediately have a vision for the space. The problem is that visions are imaginary, and money is real. Sometimes you can’t afford the concept you want. Luckily, there are some ways to acquire furniture on a budget and turn your vision, or at least some version of it, into reality. One of the best ways to get furniture at a price you can afford is to shop sales. Keep reading to learn what the best holidays for furniture sales are.

Winter Sales

New Year’s Day and Presidents’ Day are the most popular winter holidays for furniture sales. However, some furniture stores will offer additional deals on other long weekends like Martin Luther King Day. These winter sales are the best time to find summer furniture since stores often get rid of their summer inventory from last year to make room for updated furniture that will soon come through their doors. If you know you’ll have your apartment following the winter break or even after summer break later in the year, these winter sales are a great time to shop.

Summer Sales

Just like summer furniture goes on sale in the winter, winter furniture goes on sale in the summer. Memorial Day in May is typically the first of the summer holidays to have a furniture sale, followed by the Fourth of July and then Labor Day in September. These major holiday sales will often coincide with other holidays that don’t warrant their own sales, like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, so you may find specific items on sale during those times, like vanity sets around Mother’s Day and recliner chairs around Father’s Day. If you’re looking for something specific, try to think if a holiday matches the furniture, and then look around that particular holiday.

Miscellaneous Holiday Sales

Depending on the furniture store, you may also hear about sales for other holidays. A furniture store near a sizeable Chinese community may offer a deal for the Chinese New Year. Another store that’s been in its neighborhood a long time may offer an anniversary sale to coincide with its founding. While you can’t always keep track of all these miscellaneous holidays and accompanying sales, do your best to know what stores are in your community. Taking the time to learn about a store and the people in your neighborhood could help you save hundreds of dollars, so it’s worth the effort.

The best holidays for furniture sales are New Year’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Labor Day, Fourth of July, and Memorial Day. While individual furniture stores may offer additional sales for other holidays, these are the typical big sale days where you can find good deals to furnish your college apartment at a price you can afford. Pay attention to the calendar and see what treasures you can find on your next holiday shopping trip.

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