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Career Planning

7 After College Tips for Graduating Students

Tassel turning time will soon be here and that means nearly two million people will get their associate, bachelor’s, master’s or other advanced degree.

Campus News

6 Signs Your College Will Soon Close Its Doors

Administrators announced earlier this month that the all-women college will shut its doors at the end of this academic year.

Campus Life

Stress Points and the College Student

Stress and college seem to go hand and hand for most students. It seems unavoidable, especially as students transition from youth to adulthood.

Personal Advice

Tips for Finding Part-Time Work On and Off Campus

If you are pinching pennies or otherwise counting every dime, then you have very little money to meet your needs. Moreover, if ramen noodles is your diet of necessity and not of choice, then you really are pinched, aren’t you?

College Living

Meal Plans and the College Student

Eating right or even eating at all should never be taken for granted. For college students, the cost of tuition, fees, books, room and board, and related expenses can put a crimp on their finances, causing “food insecurity” for some.

Personal Advice

9 Ways to Save Money in College

College is expensive and those costs may keep you from academic pursuits. In many fields a degree is required, but attaining the higher education dream may seem beyond your reach.


Should You Transfer to a Different College?

Ideally, students will start and finish their undergraduate work at the same school, enjoying the familiarity, consistency, and the security of attending one school. There is something to be said about student and faculty relationships that are built over four years, what can provide a lifetime of mutually satisfying support.

Personal Advice

Are Credit Cards a Trap for College Students?

You’ve heard the warning: credit cards for college students are a bad idea. Well, there is some truth to that statement. Especially when credit is easily dispensed, overused, and not properly managed.

Personal Advice

Money Matters and Your Personal Finances

How you manage your personal finances can have a huge bearing on the way you live your life, with debt-free individuals having more choices and freedom than people buried underneath a mountain of debt.

Personal Advice

How to Make the Most of the Fading Days of Summer

Tweet If you’re a first-year student, then that means freshman orientation will bring you on campus before everyone else except, of course, the football team. The lazy, hazy days of

Campus Cars

Can a College Student Really Get a Car Loan With No Credit?

Tweet By Cedric Sheldon And now you are faced with a dilemma — do you ask your parents to co-sign your loan or are you comfortable with trying to get

College Budgeting

Keep Your Credit Strong While In College

Tweet Manage your credit wisely by obtaining your free credit reports. Spending Habits Within months of setting foot on campus, some students begin to undertake spending habits that will eventually