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Bad Habits That Can Make College Students Fat & Broke

Tweet By Gary Kohler Some college students are blessed with a metabolism that allows them to eat and drink anything they want at any time. Others are able to drink

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Do College Drinking Games Lead To Lifelong Problems?

Tweet You’ve seen it around campus, you probably know quite a few people who imbibe to excess and you may even do it yourself. What am I talking about? Binge

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College Presidents Call For Lowering Of Drinking Age To 18

Tweet Frat house binge drinkers have an unlikely ally when it comes to supporting their habit. A group of college presidents are calling for a national discussion on lowering the

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Survey Reveals 157 Student Deaths From Drinking

Tweet Drinking alcohol and attending college go hand in hand. At least that is the opinion of some students who equate “having a good time” with getting drunk. College administrators,