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The Best Approach to Surviving College Summer School

Who in their right mind would voluntarily take summer classes? Notably, some of your classmates and hundreds of thousands of other college students across the nation would.

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Initial CLEP Exams Are Free For Military Personnel

Military personnel who are seeking to enter college may have quite a bit of life experience under their belts. That experience may be enough to fulfill some college credits without taking college courses, what the College Boards’ CLEP (college level experience program) makes possible through testing.

Advanced Education

AP Credit and Your University

Tweet These courses come from across the academic spectrum and include Environmental Science, Psychology, Latin, Microeconomics and Chinese Language and Culture. Many US colleges and universities accept AP credits enabling


What Does it Mean to Audit a Class?

Tweet How to take an audited class. Well, this practice is known as auditing and it can offer some important benefits to the college student, including allowing for self-improvement or


CLEP Your Way to a College Degree

Tweet CLEP is managed by the College Board, the same organization that has brought to you the SAT — the most widely used college admission test. Its CLEP program also


How to Survive College Summer School

Tweet You thought it was a good idea to take a class over the summer, but now you’re having second thoughts and are considering dropping it. Hold on there! You


Do College GPAs Transfer When You Do?

Tweet This is good news as that will save you time and money, perhaps allowing you to finish your degree per your schedule. What you aren’t certain about is how


How to Determine Your College Grade Point Average

Tweet Your GPA is important as it can make you eligible for the dean’s list or honor roll, enable you to apply for internships and raise your visibility among employers.


Should You Take a Winter Session Course?

Tweet Quick credits for students! Mostly everyone looks forward to Christmas break, which offers up to 5 weeks of doing something other than studying. A number of higher education institutions

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5 Ways to Cut College Costs

Tweet 1. Work colleges — Numbering just seven schools, work colleges provide students with the skills training they need while earning an education. Students earn while they learn, taking part

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Dual Enrollment Program Report Spotlights Trend

Tweet An alternate educational path needing more support. The path to college is not always a smooth or straight one for high school students. For some, their only real chance

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How To Finish College In Four Years Or Less

Tweet It is a sign of our times when you hear that it takes college students an average of 4.5 years to complete their studies with a significant number of