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Personal Advice

Dorm Life: Grin It, Bear It or Make the Most of It

Tweet By Amanda Green There are ways to spruce up your dorm room, inexpensively, so that it doesn’t look like a cell from Sing Sing. You can not only make

Online Education

4 Smart Tips for Successful Online Learning

Tweet If you are considering online learning, the following advice can help you get started. 1. School choice and academic program — Just as you would with a brick and

Personal Advice

7 College Myths Debunked

Tweet At SayCampusLife we’ve heard our share of tails about college, including the following seven we will debunk here. 1. Choose the most prestigious college that fits you. The more

Campus News

Academic Student Aid Applications Now Being Received

Tweet Free Application For Student Aid or FAFSA. The Free Application For Student Aid or FAFSA is administered by the U.S. Department of Education and is used to determine the


How to Apply For a Federal Pell Grant

Tweet Like a college scholarship, a Pell grant is not repaid — the monies awarded to you are applied to your college tuition, an amount up to $5,550 per year.

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

College Football Postseason: All About the Money

Tweet Commissioners attempt to salvage current bowl set up while layering in a new one. Next week, a group of 11 football bowl system commissioners along with Notre Dame athletic

Campus Cars

6 Car Shopping Tips for College Students

Tweet Still, funds are tight, therefore his choices are limited to older cars, some that may need repairs. Without the mechanical background to take care of a car, he’ll need

Personal Advice

Preparing for College: What Skills Are Universities Looking For?

Tweet By Jayme Stewart Students across the country are facing the prospect of a limited job market upon their entrance into the workforce. For this reason, the competition is more

Personal Advice

Off to College: How to Spend Your Summer

Tweet Your summer between high school and college can be a memory maker. Use this time wisely and you’ll head off to school with fond memories in tow, a repository

Personal Advice

How to Make the Most Out of College Summer Campus Visits

Tweet Fortunately for them, all four schools on her list are in the midwest and will be visited several days apart over a two-week period. They’ll be mixing vacation with

Personal Advice

7 College Student Organization Tips

Tweet No goal, however, happens without undertaking careful planning first. Read on and we’ll discuss the college student organization tips that can help you reach higher. 1. Establish your goals.

Personal Advice

How to Get Better Organized For College

Tweet Get organized before leaving for college this fall. Successful college students have found out what it takes to make the grade and one important essential is personal organization. Before