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College Party Smarts: How To Stay Safer by Bringing a Friend

Tweet However, staying safe in the partying environment should always be your top priority when it comes to college kick backs. Here we will take a look at a few

College Living

How You Can Help A Friend Who Drinks Too Much In College

Tweet Students who drink every night of the week, who start drinking before the evening, and who drink solely to get drunk are probably drinking too much and too often.

Personal Advice

Do College Drinking Games Lead To Lifelong Problems?

Tweet You’ve seen it around campus, you probably know quite a few people who imbibe to excess and you may even do it yourself. What am I talking about? Binge

Personal Advice

Warning College Students About Excessive Drinking

Tweet Last month, SayCampusLife published an article titled, “Survey Reveals 157 Student Deaths From Drinking,” where we pointed out that students are dying as a result of playing drinking games