Warning College Students About Excessive Drinking


Last month, SayCampusLife published an article titled, “Survey Reveals 157 Student Deaths From Drinking,” where we pointed out that students are dying as a result of playing drinking games which may result in alcoholic poisoning. What beer gamethe article didn’t mention is that the problem of alcohol abuse is much deeper than that, resulting in as many as 1700 student deaths each year.

The Consequences Of Excessive Drinking

Just in time for the start of the new academic year, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) is urging parents to have a conversation with their adult children before they head off to school. Specifically, the NIAAA wants parents to discuss with them the consequences of excessive drinking which includes vandalism, violence, sexual aggression, and even death.

According to the NIAAA, first time students heading off to college typically drink less than their high school friends who choose not to attend college.  However, once at college, that trend quickly reverses itself particularly in the first six weeks of school when adjusting to a new environment is the hardest for them.  Besides the harm that can afflict students from abusing alcohol, as many as one-third of college freshmen fail to return for their sophomore year.

Parents Can Play An Important Part In Helping Their Children

To stem the tide of excessive drinking, the NIAAA recommends that parents get involved. Specifically, the organization recommends:

  • Find out what the school’s alcohol policies are.
  • Check up on sons and daughters frequently.
  • Ask about their roommates and their living conditions.
  • Parents should discuss the consequences of underage drinking, particularly the legal penalties as well as how alcohol use can lead to date rape, violence, and academic failure.

Parents are also encouraged to refer their sons and daughters to the NIAAA website (www.collegedrinkingprevention.gov) which features alcohol policies at most schools across the USA, an interactive program which shows how alcohol affects the human body, and related materials.

Grim Statistics Which Should Not Include Your Children

Statistics from the NIAAA report indicate that drinking by college students aged 18 to 24 contributes to an estimated 1,700 student deaths, 599,000 injuries, and 97,000 cases of sexual assault or date rape each year. Clearly, college bound sons and daughters must be warned about this problem, a subject that the NIAAA is eager to spotlight.

(Source: www.collegedrinkingprevention.gov)

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