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How to Make the Most of Your Summer College Class

Most of your friends will be working this summer or spending a lot of time at the beach, the lake or taking advantage of other leisurely pursuits. You, on the other hand, have decided to delay pleasure.


How to Manage College Living Expenses

Once you pay your tuition, fees, room & board, and purchase or rent your textbooks, you may have precious little money left to live on.


Community College Enrollment Made Easy

Young adults seeking a higher education may consider community college as a steppingstone to greater pursuits or as a path to a new job. Community colleges, also known as technical colleges, are two-year public colleges that serve millions of students.

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College Board: Trends in College Pricing

The College Board has released its latest report, Education Pays, outlining the importance of pursuing a college education.

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Advocacy Group Offers 3 Ideas for Funding Higher Education

Tweet A group known as the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education has been advocating for better funding of higher education and recently outlined three ideas that it says


How to Send Your SAT Scores to Colleges

Tweet Send your SAT scores safely and securely. Even if your application has already been sent, you can update your previous scores too by following the steps we have outlined:


How to Prepare For College Graduation

Tweet Your graduation ceremony signals the end of four years or more of hard work, resulting in a degree that should open doors as you seek work in your chosen

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Tax Cut Deal Benefits College Students

Tweet Congress has acted and the president has signed legislation extending tax cuts dating back to the Bush presidency. Tucked in with that bill is the American Opportunity Tax Credit,

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Are You Really Set For Graduation?

Tweet What’s the most stressful thing about the final few weeks of college? If you answered exams that would rank up near the top as would on-campus interviews with potential