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Federal Government Hits Corinthian Colleges With Enormous Fine

For-profit colleges and universities remain under the watchful eye of the U.S. Department of Education, a federal entity established in 1979 under President Jimmy Carter.

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For-Profit Colleges Fight Back Against Obama Administration Ruling

For-profit colleges have been battling negative publicity for some time, including various Obama administration rules such as a new “gainful employment regulation” that they say violates federal law.

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Corinthian Colleges Hatches Deal With US to Stay Open

Critics of for-profits colleges and universities point to Corinthian Colleges as a reason why such schools should not be in operation.

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Is Congress Trying to Put For-Profit Colleges Out of Business?

Tweet Bill seeks to defund taxpayer supported marketing campaigns. Some schools have run into regulatory and repetitional trouble, casting a dark shadow over the entire industry. Senate Bill A bill