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Personal Advice

How to Avoid Alcohol Pressure While at College

Despite a national drinking age of 21, alcohol is widely available across most of the nation’s campuses. Some schools such as Brigham Young University not only ban alcohol, but require students to adhere to an honor code. Violate the code and students can be disciplined or expelled.


ACT Test Preparation Advice and Tips

For years, the ACT trailed the SAT in the number of annual test takers. Beginning in 2011, more students sat for the ACT than they did for the SAT, underscoring the ACT’s growing influence.

Online Education

Best Reasons to Earn Your Online MBA Degree

You know that you can do much more at work than what you’ve been asked, but your lack of a master’s degree is holding you back.

Campus News

Corinthian Colleges Hatches Deal With US to Stay Open

Critics of for-profits colleges and universities point to Corinthian Colleges as a reason why such schools should not be in operation.

Personal Advice

Don’t Quit School: Businesses You Can Launch on the Side

You have a regular job or attend school, but have always dreamed about launching a business on the side. Like many budding entrepreneurs, you’re not about to quit your day job.

Campus News

Starbucks Partners With Arizona State University to Aid Employees

Starbucks will soon be sending thousands of its employees to Arizona State University to finish their degrees.

Campus Cars

Seven Causes of Car Breakdowns

Your car usually runs great, but not today. For some reason it won’t start or perhaps it runs just fine until you hit highway speeds.

Education Tips

Your First Semester at College: How to Prepare

With high school now behind you, it may be time for you to turn your attention to higher pursuits. Namely, your higher education or what is best known as college or university.

College Budgeting

How to Pay For Your Education Without a College Savings Account

Let’s face it: not every college student has the funds to pay for their education. College savings accounts have been around since today’s college bound students were born, but not everyone has one.

Online Education

Studying From Home – How to Save Time by Going Online

Whether you have already graduated with one degree from a local college or university or if you are just thinking about pursuing a higher education for yourself, you are no longer limited and restricted to taking classes at in a traditional setting.


How to Withdraw From College

College students that wish to withdraw from college may do so at any time. The requirements for withdrawing vary from institution to institution, but it is common for students to be required to put their request in writing.


Five Directions You Can Take a Career in Law

Students enter law school with stars in their eyes and big dreams in their heads. They can’t wait to take the bar exam and begin practicing law.