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College Living

5 Useful Job Skills You Learn While In College

There are some things you will learn in school that you will use for the rest of your life. Maybe it’s not things you learn from a class you take.

Career Planning

3 Simple Ways Students Can Learn Skills for Their Dream Job

Tweet If you are like others, your professional dreams may include working in a more advanced position within your desired field. While you may still need to work in an

Job Search

The Importance of Summer Internships for College Students

Tweet As the global economy continues to grow, the competition for good employment opportunities continues to increase. A job seeker no longer has to simply be more qualified than his

Campus News Featured

Report: College Grads Coming Up Short in Career Readiness

After spending tens of thousands of dollars in pursuit of a college degree, you might think that today’s graduates are entering the workforce with the skills that employers require.

Campus News

Lansing Community College Offers Money Back Guarantee

Tweet Michigan college’s novel job training approach Wouldn’t it be nice if all colleges and universities refunded your tuition if you couldn’t find a job after completing your studies? That’s