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Campus Cars

Car Design Contest, Latino Style

Tweet College students who are into design, particularly car design, should be aware of a contest which could help shift their career into high gear. Terra USA, a multinational Internet

Campus Cars

Kia Soul Rolls Out Across America

Tweet Here’s something for you marketing majors to think about: your client develops a product geared toward a younger segment of the population — what demographers call “Generation Y” consumers

Campus Cars

Kia Forte Offers Smart Styling, Cool Price

Tweet At this week’s Chicago Auto Show, Kia Motors rolled out their latest offering, a five passenger compact sedan called the Forte. Replacing its best selling car, the bland Spectra,

Campus Cars

Will You Embrace The Kia Soul?

When the Kia Soul makes its debut, buyers will have the ability to customize their rides thanks to a variety of from the factory and aftermarket decal options including the one pictured here

Campus Cars

The Fuel Thrifty 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt XFE

Tweet For students needing a car while on campus, your choices abound. From a well used family vehicle to a late model used car, the used-car market for buyers remains

Campus Cars

Spring Incentives Fuel New Car Purchases

Tweet Lots of families feel locked out of the new car market when it comes to buying a car for their college student. While there isn’t anything wrong with settling