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Skip College? Good Advice For Some.

Tweet Over the past four decades or so, graduating high school students have been encouraged to continue with their education by attending a college of their choice. For some, this

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NCPA Alleges Student Athlete Abuse

Tweet Students who are attending college and a full athletic scholarship are being taken advantage of, at least that is the assertion being made by the National College Players Association

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NC State Hosts Sustainability Event

Tweet The North Carolina State University in Raleigh hosted “Ford Forum and Drive Event on Sustainability” this past Wednesday, an event which explored the ways that governments, businesses and citizens

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Moseying Down To The Sweet Sixteen

Tweet As expected, the opening weekend of the 2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament produced a lot of excitement, a handful of upsets and some good stories to take away from

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Opposition To Obama Notre Dame Appearance Mounting

Tweet Pro-lifers and other conservative groups are responding in anger to President Obama’s scheduled commencement address on May 17 at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. The

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Special Scholarship Opportunity For Children of a Deceased Parent

Tweet College bound students who have lost at least one parent are often at a financial disadvantage when it comes to paying for their education. With one parent left to

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The Science Of Your NCAA Picks

Tweet The President Announces His Picks President Obama took his turn to make NCAA men’s picks last week, demonstrating just how pervasive this practice really is. Besides the fact that

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Private Student Loans Changing Under Sallie Mae

Tweet The nation’s leading provider of student loans and administrator of college savings plans, Sallie Mae, has announced that they are making important changes to their private student loans, a


College Students Gravitating Back To Computer Science

Tweet For college students who are attempting to gauge job trends, selecting the right major can make all of the difference for them when they graduate. After all, why spend

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Time Management, College Style

Tweet Here’s a thought: you have a big test coming up in a few days and you need to show some progress on a term paper for your European History

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Georgia Tech Professors Choose Tourney Favs

Tweet What in the world are some college professors up to? Not class prep, that is for sure! Three professors at Georgia Tech have devised a computer program they have