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Are Some Commencement Speakers Too Controversial?

Tweet Over the coming weeks, colleges and universities across these fruited plains will be holding their commencement exercises. Guest speakers will take to the podium to extol the virtues of

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Zebra Owner Demands Equine Justice

Tweet The owner of a zebra taken from its home as part of an Emory University prank is demanding justice. Curtis Jackson, who lives one mile away from Emory’s Oxford

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Rutgers Expands Stadium Despite Funding Short Fall

Tweet Success on the gridiron hasn’t come often for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, despite having inaugurated college football there in 1869 when New Jersey’s now state university defeated Princeton, 6

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Advancing Your Career SPOTLIGHT

Tweet My dream job … … is to become a digital game designer ? You played all the electronic games growing up … now you have some gaming ideas of

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California Students Protest Spending Cuts

Tweet This past Monday, approximately 2000 students protested across the state of California against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s call for a 10% across-the-board reduction in state spending, an effort he says

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The 19-Year-Old College Professor

Tweet Becoming a college professor is a difficult feat, one that can take a long time to reach, often many years after the candidate begins serving as an adjunct or

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DeVry Says ‘No Problem’ With Student Loans

Tweet For-profit and independent colleges have been put through the wringer this year. On the one hand, competition for students is heating up as state financed and private universities battle

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How Will You Spend Your Summer Break?

Tweet Over the next few weeks thousands of US colleges will ending their Spring semesters finishing up yet another school year. Many students are graduating and seeking their first jobs,

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Have You Been Put On A College Wait List?

Tweet If you applied to several colleges and got accepted by some and rejected by others, there is a third category where you could find yourself: on the school’s wait

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Advancing Your Career SPOTLIGHT

Tweet Need to Finish College … what kind of online programs are available? Events happen where you were unable to finish college. Well now is the time to get that

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Toyota Yaris Offers An Exceptional Value For College Students

Tweet I wasn’t particularly found of the Echo, Toyota’s earlier entry-level car which predated the current Yaris. Its design made it look like it had been pancaked from the side

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Pope Benedict To Visit Catholic University Today

Tweet Pope Benedict XVI, who arrived in Washington, DC on Tuesday to begin a six-day tour of the US, will be speaking at Catholic University in northeast Washington, DC today.