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6 Benefits of Joining Student Organizations

Student life can be mind-boggling with commitments to balance coursework and self-care which usually tends to be a lot to handle. Despite this, students are normally advised to join student organizations that have proven to be helpful in their career.

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3 Tips on How to Achieve and Maintain a High GPA

Tweet Introduction One of the most important factors for a college student today is the Grade Point Average (GPA). This is the main performance indicator at this level of education.

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How to Stay Organized in College and Beyond – 3 Simple Steps

Tweet With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding the time to organize your classes, assignments, work schedule and social commitments can seem impossible. There are only 24 hours


College Schedule Tips and Tricks

College students often experience anxiety while working on their class schedules. Some classes are offered only at certain times of the year while many classes require students to complete prerequisites before signing up.


Get Ready for Your College Scholarship Interview

With the cost of higher education as high as it is, students should apply for college scholarships to help defray their expenses. Billions of dollars in college scholarship money is offered every year with awards ranging from one-time gifts of a few hundred dollars to full-ride scholarships at top-notch universities.

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7 College Student Organization Tips

Tweet No goal, however, happens without undertaking careful planning first. Read on and we’ll discuss the college student organization tips that can help you reach higher. 1. Establish your goals.

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How to Get Better Organized For College

Tweet Get organized before leaving for college this fall. Successful college students have found out what it takes to make the grade and one important essential is personal organization. Before

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4 Simple, Super Time-savers for College Students

Tweet By Lior Levin Regardless of what some people may believe, plenty of students want to make the most of their time, something they can do by incorporating four simple,