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Student Aid Is Tougher To Find

Tweet With college students returning to classes in droves over the coming days, many parents are still scrambling for ways to cover the cost of higher education. A tough economy

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High School Senior: Future College Freshman

Tweet College Countdown — One Year Left! High school seniors are returning to school this year with mixed feelings: on the one hand they’ll really enjoy being at the top


No Degree? That Might Be A Problem.

Tweet Here’s a thought: you’re in college and are frustrated with your major, even dissatisfied with your school. You’re contemplating quitting, perhaps heading out to the work world in pursuit

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Congressional College Oversight Bill Passes

Tweet Colleges and universities all across America may soon have a big incentive to contain costs if President Bush signs a Congressional oversight bill as he is expected to do.

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Student Credit Cards For Life’s Emergencies

Tweet Your student son or daughter is heading off to school in a few weeks and everything is in place. You’ve seen to it that clothes have been purchased, a

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Student Loans, Then Loan Forgiveness

Tweet If you are planning to take out one or more student loans to pay for your college education, you may find the thought of carrying thousands of dollars of

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What You Should Know About Private Student Loans

Tweet College students who need help funding their education will often turn to student loans as an important way to meet their financial needs. Federal Stafford loans have helped millions

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Should You Co-Sign For A Private Student Loan?

Tweet Your adult offspring is getting ready to attend college this fall and you’re confident that she will succeed. After all, good grades, excellent study habits, and valuable extra-curricular work

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Graduating Ceremonies, Online Student Style

Tweet Have you ever wondered how students who take online classes celebrate their graduation from college or university? If you’re thinking that everyone logs on to a website at a

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Project Working Mom Offers Full Scholarships

Tweet Mothers who work outside the home and still need to take college classes often find that balancing work, family, and educational pursuits is an impossible task. But, thanks to

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6 Steps To Securing College Aid

Tweet For most students, the first day of college classes is still more than one month away, but one area of preparation must be started now and that step involves


College Scholarships Provide A Path To Higher Education For Many

Tweet With Stafford loans being more difficult to get and private student loan debt another concern, students who wish to pursue their higher education studies oftentimes feel that their choices