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How to Become the Outstanding Graduate in the Job Market

The core aim of joining an institution of higher learning such as college or university is to earn marketable skills. Nobody would just invest thousands of dollars in education that won’t help him.

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Let’s Talk About College Networking and Its Importance

While joining college, most people have one major goal to do whatever it takes to attain the desired degree. Though this goal is very important, people rarely understand the importance of networking as part of achieving and maintaining our life goals.

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Why Every Fresh College Graduate Should Consider Blogging

Tweet Thanks to the internet, graduates can nowadays make money working online. One of the legitimate ways of doing so is through blogging. Let’s look at how maintaining an active

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4 Tips to Help You Network Better as a College Graduate

It’s no secret that these days networking is important in your job search after college graduation; yet many grads make the mistake of limiting their searches to online job postings and sending out resumes to random companies.

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7 LinkedIn Strategies For College Seniors

Tweet Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, are popular social networking sites for college students, but what about LinkedIn? LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and is used mainly for professional networking, the