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7 Reading Tips to Help You Read and Study Better in School

It’s not easy to remember the chapter content when you read it with just ordinary reading methods. And sometimes you’ll feel that reading is too hard.

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Study Tips for New College Students From a College Professor

Tweet Advice from a college professor I know: Jeremy was an honor roll student throughout middle and high school. But during his first semester he quickly found himself falling behind.

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7 Things to Do While on Christmas Break

Your term paper is finished and your exams will be over before you know it. Soon, you’ll be making the long trek back home for a well-deserved break.


Rising Senior: How to Prepare for College

As a high school student finishing up your junior year, you are just months away from completing your secondary education and are about ready to turn a new chapter in your life. That chapter may include beginning work, joining the military or attending college.

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Students With Disabilities Receive Support From Textbook Publishers

Tweet Imagine that you are attending college and it is a struggle for you to keep up with reading as dyslexia or some other impairment has been with you throughout