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Why You Should Visit the Cave of Crystals in Mexico for Your Winter Break!

Tweet Looking to getaway for your winter break? Why not consider a trip to Mexico? With so many amazing wonders that occur naturally in our world, such as breathtaking rock

Fun News

How to Easily Start Getting Yourself Into Shape for Summer

Tweet So even if there are is still traces of snow on the ground, don’t let cold weather dissuade you from getting ready for summer early. Exercise Start exercising in

Personal Advice

4 Summer Tips For Rising College Freshmen

College-bound freshmen are about to embark on one of the most important transitions of their lives. They’ll be going from required secondary learning to their higher, but optional education.

Fun News

Final Fling: What to do After Graduating College

Tweet Like travel to Europe. Or, volunteering at a church mission in South America. Perhaps even backpacking their way across the United States. In reality, many college-bound students find that

Personal Advice

How to Make the Most Out of College Summer Campus Visits

Tweet Fortunately for them, all four schools on her list are in the midwest and will be visited several days apart over a two-week period. They’ll be mixing vacation with

Campus News

Kaplan Survey Reveals Rising Seniors Are Busy This Summer

Tweet On June 10, we mentioned that college bound high students are forgoing work opportunities this summer, with many rising seniors getting prepared for college now, by building up their