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College Search

Why You Should Pick the School You Love: Advice From an Ex College Student

Tweet More advice from a college friend: During your senior year of high school, you always get asked the same questions first. “So where are you going to college next

Student Health

A Guide to Better Health as a College Student

Tweet Here are tips you can follow to maintain a healthy lifestyle while in college. Always observe your diet Failure to follow your diet can result in too many body

College Living

Dorm, House, Frat or Sorority: Your Choices of Where to Live

Tweet Make no mistake about it, where you live while you are in college can have a big impact on so many other areas of your life that it’s hard

Online Education

How an Online Course Can Help You Change Career

Tweet This is not easy if you already have a full time job and a full life to live. The problems that this can present can put people off taking

Personal Advice

6 Fitness Tips For A Successful Weight Loss Plan

Tweet Expert dietitians recommend all of them. We have tried to make this weight loss plan as natural as it could be. For instance, the fruit juice and yoga are

NCAA Football

Using Simulations as College Football Predictors

Tweet According to Billy Connelly, isolating performance in any game is basically statistics. Therefore, one can easily make accurate predictions of the college football season using simulation even before some

NCAA Basketball

SEC Basketball More Unpredictable This Season

Tweet The University of South Carolina basketball team under Frank Martin has made a ton of progress this season. There are some prognosticators that definitely believe that the Gamecocks can

Advanced Education

Tips to Get an Up-to-Date Education for Today’s Business Market

Tweet If you are struggling to keep up with the changes in today’s business market, don’t fret. You’re never too old to learn, and these marketing tips will teach you

NCAA Basketball

It’s Never too Early for NCAA Basketball

Tweet The first pre-season tournaments do not start until mid-November. Fans will not be pulling their favorite jerseys out of the closet for a couple more months. Colleges are just

Job Search

To Be Or Not To Be A Debtor

Tweet The obvious answers would be to get a scholarship to pay for schooling or to be a part of a wealthy family, but quite frankly those are easier said

Education Tips

Why College Students Should Take Summer Classes

Tweet We also have some group of students who sign up for summer classes either online or in community colleges. There are a couple of things that those taking up

Advanced Education

Going to Graduate School Immediately – Pros and Cons

Tweet Making the decision whether to go into the job market or go on to graduate school is what senior years battle with. There are advantages and disadvantages of both