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Campus News

After You Graduate, Where Will You Live?

With college commencement ceremonies now underway, experts are serving up suggestions for the best places new grads should live with an eye toward gaining employment, of course.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Pharmacy Technician

In most states you do not need a college degree to work as a pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technicians work under the direction of a pharmacist and may measure, mix and count out medications as prescribed, labeling bottles and ensuring that correct dosages are used.

Personal Advice

What to Take and What to Leave: How to Prepare for University

Tweet You might bring too many of your belongings with you or too few, and you want to avoid either, really. In order to prevent any unnecessary stress and make

Fun News

Final Fling: What to do After Graduating College

Tweet Like travel to Europe. Or, volunteering at a church mission in South America. Perhaps even backpacking their way across the United States. In reality, many college-bound students find that


How to Get Rid of Student Loan Debt

Tweet That grace period gives you time to plan and take action in a bid to get rid of your student loan debt as soon possible. 1. Consolidation. If you

NCAA Football

College Football System Changes to be Announced

Tweet Conference representatives and the NCAA are meeting in Pasadena, Calif., to determine the name for the new playoff structure that kicks in for the 2014-2015 academic year. New Series

Career Planning

Career Choice: Survey Researcher

Taking surveys is one thing, but the work behind such surveys is exhaustive. Professionals, known as survey researchers, are tasked with planning and developing surveys based on certain objectives.

College Living

Making Your College Dorm Like Home

Do you ever have that feeling of walking into a stranger’s space when you go into your dorm room? I know that feeling. But once I started decorating it and adding a few pieces, I started to feel like it was more of a home than a temporary space.

Fun News

5 Reasons to Attend Your Commencement Exercise

You are finishing up college and will soon have enough credits to graduate. Years of hard work have paid off and that degree will be presented to you within weeks.

Campus News

At A Glance: Student Loan Debt

One way that college students pay for their education is by taking out student loans. When done judiciously, such loans can help students complete their education and go on to successful careers, earning enough money to pay off their debt.

Campus News

Still Undecided? College Decision Day Looms.

Tweet Chances are that one or more college staff members have been in touch with you since you were accepted by them. A U.S. News & World Report article, As

Career Planning

Career Choice: Personal Financial Advisor

Tweet Financial advisors provide guidance to their customers including for the purchase of real estate, insurance, securities and investments, with a eye for addressing a client’s particular needs. Financial advisors