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Personal Advice

Book Review: 10 Best College Majors for Your Personality

Tweet Your happiness can depend in part on what you do for a living. Some people are analytical, others are emotional, but even those characterizations are not always specific enough.

Personal Advice

7 Quick Ways to Earn Cash This Summer

Tweet Unless you already have a job, you know that replenishing your funds will take an extraordinary amount of luck, namely asking your financially squeezed parents to give you the

Collegiate Sports

Gamecocks, Gators Battle for CWS Supremacy

Tweet Down to the CWS wire in Omaha. OMAHA, Neb. — The 2011 College World Series has narrowed to just two teams with the winner declared as early as today

Social Networking

7 Tips for Using Social Media to Choose a Great College

Tweet By Lior Levin Before the advent of the Internet, it was often difficult to find in-depth information about what college life was really like for students. Of course, it

College Budgeting

Money Tips for Students

Tweet All students should check out Santander savings options as you can start saving with just £1 with its instant access account. There are plenty of ways to save money

Campus Cars

What Small Cars Are Within the Price Range of College Grads

Tweet Current models offer plenty of value for the money. Besides, you no doubt realize that a 1999 Buick LeSabre just won’t impress anyone…perhaps it is time for you to

Campus News

Kaplan Survey Reveals Rising Seniors Are Busy This Summer

Tweet On June 10, we mentioned that college bound high students are forgoing work opportunities this summer, with many rising seniors getting prepared for college now, by building up their

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

NCAA Releases 35 Game Bowl Schedule

Tweet NCAA releases 2011-2012 bowl schedule. Your favorite college football team may make it to a bowl following its 12-game season this fall. All that most schools have to do

Collegiate Sports

What Major League Baseball Can Learn From the Colleges

Tweet There are some important differences between major league baseball and the college level, including the type of baseball bats used. Wooden bats are used by the majors, aluminum bats

Campus News

Henry Kissinger Donates Papers to Yale

Tweet Nixon-era diplomat bequeaths personal collection to new center. Arguably, he is one of the most important American diplomats of the 20th century, the man who helped broker an end

Campus News Collegiate Sports

Road to Omaha Spots Claimed By 8

Tweet College baseball’s top teams head to Nebraska. The 2011 NCAA Division 1 College World Series field is all set, with the first games scheduled for this weekend. Eight teams

Campus News Finance Scholarships

Lost Parent College Scholarship Takes to Online Voting

Tweet Online voting ends on July 5th. We’ve shared extensively news about the LIFE Lessons Scholarship Program, a special effort by the LIFE Foundation to help college bound students who lost