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Advanced Education

UTA: A North Texas University for all Student Varieties

Tweet Regardless of your educational pursuits, the University of Texas at Arlington provides innumerable options, from architecture and engineering to internet-based continuing education options. Students of all demographics, including international,

Campus News

College Swag: Where Does Your School Come In?

Sports apparel is big business. Professional sports teams have known this for decades, but colleges are not far behind.


You’ve Been Wait-listed. Now What?

Tweet If you’ve been wait-listed, you’re now in a virtual no-man’s land — at least with that one college. You haven’t been turned down, but you’re not on the school’s

Collegiate Sports

LSU Tigers Snag 2009 College World Series

Tweet Throughout the 1990s, no Division 1 college baseball team was as dominate as LSU, who won five of the ten championships between 1991 and 2000. But, other schools quickly

Campus News

Fidel Is Out, The Longhorns Are In

Tweet Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is no longer in office having recently stepped down after nearly 50 years as president. The news has been hailed by many as the first