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Advanced Education

UTA: A North Texas University for all Student Varieties

Tweet Regardless of your educational pursuits, the University of Texas at Arlington provides innumerable options, from architecture and engineering to internet-based continuing education options. Students of all demographics, including international,

Advanced Education

Is It Necessary to Continue On to a Master’s in Accounting or is a Bachelor’s Degree Good Enough?

Tweet Are you considering enrolling in an online bachelors of accounting program at a top-rated school such as Maryville University? Or maybe you’re already in your bachelors of accounting and

College Living

How to Survive College: Top 6 Strategies

Tweet Perhaps you had an easy time in high school. Maybe you were class president or even a member of the honor society. You may have graduated as valedictorian. You

Online Education

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Online MBAs

Tweet In the past, some professionals had to enroll in on-campus programs and attend classes after work. Others had to quit their jobs to keep up with class schedules while

Education Tips

What First-Time Teachers Should Know How to Teach Best

Tweet Being a first-time teacher is intimidating! Suddenly, there is a class full of students looking to you for guidance, new knowledge, and a positive experience. This article will help

Personal Advice

How To Avoid Fighting With Your College Roommate: 5 Indispensable Tips

Tweet Do you have that one person in college that you wish was never your roommate? May be it’s because they often use your personal things without your permission, or

College Planning

Preparing For A Career: How To Pick A Degree Program That Fits For You

Tweet Fortunately, there are things that you can do in order to take the hassle out of finding the right program. What Interests do you Have? After college, you will

Advanced Education

What are RTOs and Why are They a Valid Alternative to College?

Tweet You may feel that your job prospects are hopeless without a college education. You may not have any formal job training either. But there is still another way, and

Campus Cars

The 5 Best Cars to Help Get Students Through College

Tweet However, if you are going to a college that has a relatively large campus, then you will want a car if for nothing else with the sole purpose of

Education Tips

College Essay Writing Service: How to Choose a Reliable Paper Writer

Tweet Finding a reliable writer online is a true challenge for many students, who can hardly cope even with an easy essay. Great research should be done. It comprises several

Campus Life

University Life: How to Prevent Crime on Your College Campus

Tweet While the thought of these incidences causes real angst, there are many steps that campus members can take to prevent crime on campus. Besides, campus safety is the shared

Campus Life

How College Mirrors the Real World (and the Benefits for You)

Tweet It’s not just about reaching the finish line–graduation day. College is a way for you to prepare for what lies ahead. While attending college, you learn from various sources