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Personal Advice

First Year College Student: After the Euphoria Dies

The weeks leading up to your freshman orientation were filled with excitement. At orientation, you got a good feel for the school, met your roommate and began to make new friends.

NCAA Football

Potential Upsets Highlight College Football’s Opening Week

Tonight, the first game of the college football season will be played. It will be the first of six consecutive days of action, giving fans more than enough gridiron action to keep themselves busy.

Campus News

Will Game Day Beer Sales Become the Norm?

Attend most any college football game and the one thing you won’t be able to buy at the concession stand is beer. At least not in the majority of stadiums.

Campus Cars

Fab Find: Fiat 500L

When it comes to affordable newer cars for college students your choices typically range from a subcompact hatchback to a compact sedan. The one challenge with both these types of vehicles is that the storage room is often too limited, a problem that becomes apparent when you are traveling from home to college and back with all your gear packed in.

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Eight is Enough: SEC Dominates AP Preseason Poll

The Florida State Seminoles are starting off the 2014 season where they ended it last year: as the No. 1 pick in the AP poll. That shouldn’t be a surprise as the Seminoles return locked and loaded, ready to dominate the ACC and make a case for itself in the post season.

Advanced Education

Aiming For the Top — The Merits of Higher Education

An education is many things. One of them is, of course, an investment in the future.

Career Planning

Public Sector Jobs and the College Grad

If you are a recent college graduate or will soon be receiving your degree, you understand that the job market is a challenging one. No longer is there an ample supply of jobs for new graduates.

College Living

The Pros and Cons of Dorm Life

You are heading off to college and will soon encounter a familiar environment: West Hall, the dorm building you have lived in for the past two years.

Education Tips

Back to School With Personalized Books

Learning how to read is one of the biggest milestones in a child’s life. It is an activity that can do a lot to prepare them for a successful future.

Education Tips

Get Ready For Freshman Orientation

Your shopping is done and your bags are nearly packed. In a matter of days you will take to the road and head off to college.

NCAA Football

Big Five Conferences to Receive NCAA Autonomy

Five of the largest Division I conferences will soon receive the autonomy that they have wanted.

Campus News

College Swag: Where Does Your School Come In?

Sports apparel is big business. Professional sports teams have known this for decades, but colleges are not far behind.