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How to Find a Used Car Deal for a College Student

Tweet A number of colleges and universities disallow freshman students from having a car on campus, as limited parking is a big concern. If you are allowed to have a

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6 Car Shopping Tips for College Students

Tweet Still, funds are tight, therefore his choices are limited to older cars, some that may need repairs. Without the mechanical background to take care of a car, he’ll need

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You Can Buy a Used Car For a College Student

Tweet Save money on a late model used car. The trade off here is that your young student will need a car and everyone knows that used cars don’t come

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College Grad: New Car Now or Wait?

Tweet One dilemma facing recent college grads centers on transportation. You may have a job, but you don’t have a vehicle to transport you from your home to your place

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New Car or Upgrade the Old One?

Tweet For several weeks over the summer, consumers traded in their old cars for new ones, taking advantage of the federal government’s cash for clunkers program. That three billion dollar