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Career Planning

Career Planning SPOTLIGHT

Tweet I enjoy teaching … but I want to do something new in education You started your career in teaching. It’s been good, but now you are looking for something

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College Philanthropy Is Alive And Well

Tweet Colleges and universities across the US are still reaping the generosity of gifts bestowed to them by corporations, supporters, and alumni. Despite economic pressures which are hitting the vast

Campus News

Pennsylvania Program Makes Transferring College Credits Easier

Tweet A new program benefiting Pennsylvania college students has been established to help students maximize the number of credits they can transfer and count toward a college degree. “Pursuit of

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Donor Supplies Funds For New Hampshire Business School

Tweet The University of New Hampshire has received its largest donation on record, a $25 million gift from Troy-native and UNH alumnus Peter T. Paul. The university plans to build

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Get Your Grad Degree Online From Top Schools

Tweet The internet is a terrific leveling field as it provides a solid way for people to connect from across the world regardless of their age, gender, social status, or

College Budgeting Finance

Smart Ways To Reduce College Costs

Tweet If your child is a rising high school senior or a freshman entering college this fall, then you know that affording college isn’t a given. Tuition, room and board,

Career Planning

Career Building SPOTLIGHT

Tweet Need Professional Skills … to advance or protect your career position Technology and business concepts evolve continuously. You need to keep up with new concepts to stay competitive …

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Free Tuition Colleges Really Exist!

Tweet If you’re wondering how you’ll pay for your son’s or daughter’s college education take heart — you are not alone. Granted, the company of others who find themselves in

Education Tips

Prepare Today To Study Abroad Tomorrow

Tweet One of the best experiences for today’s university students are the “study abroad” options available to them. Now more than ever students are pursuing spending at least one semester

Student Loans

Lenders Trim Student Loans To Community College Students

Tweet Although tuition for most community colleges is quite low, many students still need to take out loans to pay for their education. These loans are sought by some of

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Verizon, Strayer Form Unusual Educational Partnership

Tweet Taking college classes while also holding down a full time job is a difficult balancing act, a practice I am quite familiar with. Having done both for a period

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Randolph Aids Bottom Line By Selling Off Artwork

Tweet If you are under the impression that all colleges have endowments the size of Harvard or even a fraction thereof, you are sadly mistaken. Quite a few colleges and