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The Fundamentals of Your College Budget

Tweet It is summer, the beach beckons, and all your friends want you to hang out with them. Thoughts of getting ready for college seem crazy right now, but coming

Collegiate Sports

Fresno State Defies Odds And Bags The CWS

Tweet My North Carolina Tarheels were eliminated by the Fresno State Bulldogs, but it was a bittersweet loss. Bitter because the Tarheels came up short for the third consecutive year,

Campus News

Is The DREAM Act A California Nightmare?

Tweet A recurring illegal immigration nightmare is once again being visited upon the citizens of California — on legal, law-abiding citizens that is. Pending legislation, commonly known as the “DREAM


BlueCross Backs SC Nursing Scholarships

Tweet Scholarships Aid Nursing Faculty Academic scholarships can be the deciding factor for prospective college students, a financial award which can a long way toward covering the high cost of

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NJ Extends Free Tuition For Community College Students

Tweet New Jersey’s Free Tuition Program My home state of New Jersey has its share of problems. Congestion, pollution, and high taxes are pressing issues facing the state, never mind

Campus News

University Of Iowa Prepares To Clean Up

Tweet A historic flood ravaged portions of the US Midwest earlier this month including several cities which are home to well known colleges and universities. The University of Iowa located

Career Planning

Advancing Your Career SPOTLIGHT

Tweet Associate Degrees …… when you need to get into a good job quick You may have ambitions later on, but for right now, you need to get a good


Is Axia America’s National Community College?

Tweet The University of Phoenix has been offering degrees, mostly online, to tens of thousands of students across the country, even from around the world for many years now. The

Advanced Education

5 Steps Toward Attending Grad School

Tweet If you have a bachelor’s degree, the next logical step for some students is grad school. With an advanced degree your job opportunities can increase and you possibly can

Student Loans

New Grad, Fresh Debt – Now What?

Tweet Congratulations, You’re In Debt! You just completed college and have your degree in hand, you’ve accepted the job offer and are planning to begin work in July or August,

Campus News

Ohio Colleges Are Preparing To Rate Themselves

Tweet Back in the day when I was in college, professors would distribute end-of-the-semester surveys to allow their students to review the class and the instructor’s teaching methods. We never

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Florida Students Find SS Numbers Compromised

Tweet The University of Florida announced last week that more than 11,000 current and former students had their personal information accidentally posted online by the school over a two year