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Maryland Prepaid Tuition Deficit Tops $80 Million

Tweet State’s Fund Dropped Sharply In 2008 You’ve been socking away college tuition money for your child for fifteen years, understanding that the funds you’ve been setting aside will be

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Book Review: Paying For College Without Going Broke

Tweet When the opportunity came up for me to review “Paying For College Without Going Broke,” I immediately jumped at the chance. After all, at we’re here to share

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Kia Soul Rolls Out Across America

Tweet Here’s something for you marketing majors to think about: your client develops a product geared toward a younger segment of the population — what demographers call “Generation Y” consumers

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Short On Cash But Not Short On Options

Tweet While away at school, a problem could crop up that will require you to gain access to some cash. And fast. Unfortunately, you’re all tapped out and your dorm

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What You Should Know About Distant Learning

Tweet Distant learning has been in place for generations, first known as “mail correspondence schools” before largely giving way to much more sophisticated university learning. I recall those days when

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Spring Break 2009: Blast or Bust?

Tweet For the last few weeks and all through the month of March, colleges and universities across the US will be in spring break mode — that week long recess

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On the Cusp of March Madness!

Tweet The most important time of the year in the men’s college basketball season is almost upon us, March Madness, the month long countdown to the Final Four. For some

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Online Cash On The Side!

Tweet Many college students are worrying about their finances as they hear reports from their parents that their college savings accounts lost a lot of money when the market bubble

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How Is Your College Savings Plan Performing?

Tweet Last year’s financial meltdown and subsequent draining of trillions of dollars of wealth from the economy has caused hardship for many American families. Most keenly being hit are those

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For Students, Tightening Money Means Exploring Options

Tweet Lots of families across the country are facing a dilemma, one brought about by last year’s financial meltdown. College savings accounts suddenly dropped in value, 401(k) plans took a