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If you are savvy with the internet, then you know how websites are managed, perhaps you have set up a few sites of your own too. A lot of people are making a living as a webmaster, one of the fastest growing fields according to the federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Formal Training Or Not?

webmasterWhen it comes to training, quite a few webmasters will tell you that they learned how to build and manage websites on their own with no formal education to speak of whatsoever. Because so much information is available online, a significant number of webmasters visit popular forums, message board, blogs and websites to gain the information that they need.

Not every webmaster eschews formal education to help them with their craft. Because respected websites owned by major corporation, nonprofits, small businesses and government agencies require excellent writing and artistic skills, owners may insist that the people who create these sites have formal training to carry out these sort of tasks or the ability to manage other people who can get that work done for them.

Diplomas, Certificates and College Degrees

Training programs for a career as webmaster are now available through vo-tech, community and trade schools resulting in a certificate, diploma or a two-year (associates) degree. Some programs lead to a four-year (bachelors) degree as they include all of the standard courses that all students are required to take.

Webmasters balance a lot of tasks, requiring that the person who chooses this field be patient, innovative, resourceful and good at balancing priorities. Links break and need updating, content needs to be refreshed or new articles added, optimizing the site to be viewable by a number of different web browsers is important and promoting the site via advertising and social media is critical to its success.

Many webmasters are well versed in all things SEO — search engine optimization — with some also skilled at SEM — search engine marketing. Together, SEO and SEM can have a huge impact on whether a site succeeds or not, the goal of webmasters, clients and the companies who own the sites.

Webmasters also need to be skilled at operating their own computers, sometimes overseeing complex networks or working with those in charge of the same. Rudimentary knowledge of how a computer works, troubleshooting, adding and removing hardware, adding and removing software and providing the right security system is critical. Knowing HyperText Markup Language (HTML) or some other software application are essential tools, attributes that every webmaster must possess.

According to the BLS, the position of webmaster is expected to grow faster than the average job over the next seven years. Though the vast majority of corporations, nonproft organizations, government entities and small businesses already have websites, constant updating by trained professionals requires that webmasters be hired, whether as contractors or as staff. In addition, many businesses operate multiple websites particularly sites to sell a specific product or new program.

Pay for webmasters is generally very good to excellent with full time webmasters averaging about $50,000 annually according to the BLS. Many of the top professional in the business make more than $100,000 annually, clearly demonstrating that the field is not only growing rapidly, but is lucrative.

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