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$80.5 Million Settlement For University of Phoenix Wrongdoings

Tweet The University of Phoenix is the largest private educator in the country and the most well known of the many online educators out there. But the company who owns

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Nothing Spooky About This Weekend’s Match Ups

Tweet Well, Halloween is this Saturday and you can bet that a number of fans will be dressed up and on display while their favorite teams clash on the gridiron.

Collegiate Sports

Study Reveals College Presidents Want To Slash Athletics Costs

Tweet If your college president had his or her way, funding for your favorite collegiate football team would be slashed. That sentiment comes from a study conducted by the Knight

Career Planning

Should You Create Your Own Internship Opportunity?

Tweet Comedian Milton Berle once said, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” Perhaps Berle had it right – maybe the chance you’re looking for is something you can create

Personal Advice

How To Finish College In Four Years Or Less

Tweet It is a sign of our times when you hear that it takes college students an average of 4.5 years to complete their studies with a significant number of

Online Education

Online Education: Is The Attraction Only Virtual?

Tweet Online education (distant learning) is here to stay and is becoming a significantly important option for students around the world. We here at have been following this trend

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Football News, Front and Center

Tweet This week, the focus of has been on football more than academics. That certainly isn’t the balance we want with this site, but recent events demonstrate just how

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Playoff PAC Push Football Overhaul

Tweet Politicians and fans don’t always agree on everything, but in one area a consensus is emerging: the current post season arrangement for top tier college football teams – the

Campus News Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Jasper Howard Murder Stuns UConn Community

Tweet Star University of Connecticut (UConn) cornerback Jasper T. (Jazz) Howard was murdered early Sunday morning following a stellar performance on the gridiron against the Louisville Cardinals hours earlier. Howard,

Online Education

Off To College? Go Virtual Instead!

Tweet The days of applying to, being accepted by, and heading off to college may be nearly over. At least that is the thinking of one influential Fordham University law

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Key Conference Tilts Highlight This Weekend’s Action

Tweet Forget about games between Top 25 teams for a moment. When it comes to conference play, some of the best action is between schools which aren’t ranked. Heck, even

Education Tips

Emerging Trend: Pairing HS Diploma With Associate’s Degree

Tweet An emerging trend in education may be worth exploring, one which encourages high school students to earn college credit even before receiving their diploma. A number of states and