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Upsets Brighten College Football Picture

Tweet Florida, Alabama and Texas are the top three teams in college football, according to every poll out there. Should Florida and Alabama win out, they’ll do battle for the

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College Tuition Tax Is The Pitts!

Tweet Word that the city of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) is proposing charging a tax on college tuition has been met with criticism as students, parents and local colleges and universities voice

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Charlie Weis Era Comes To An Unofficial End

Tweet Though not yet official, when the gun sounded this past Saturday signaling the end of the Navy-Notre Dame game, you wouldn’t have been too far off of the mark

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Missing College Students: Where Is Morgan Harrington?

Tweet Update — Police have confirmed that a body recovered on January 26, 2010 in Albemarle County, Virginia is that of Morgan Harrington. Please follow this link for more information.

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Pricey Pedagogy: The $50K Club

Tweet As if college isn’t expensive enough comes word from the Chronicle for Higher Education that more than 60 colleges now charge at least $50,000 per year for students to

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Home Stretch Begins For College Football This Weekend

Tweet The final full month of college football is about to begin, though the argument can be made that for some schools, particularly Big Ten teams, the regular season will

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Midnight College Classes For Insomniacs

Tweet There is some very good news for people who have trouble sleeping: while you’re tossing and turning at 2 am, some colleges are holding classes. That’s right, if you

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Millionaire College Presidents Raise Eyebrows

Tweet It isn’t too difficult for people to become a millionaire these days even in a tough economy where the value of stocks, bonds and real estate have been greatly

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Athletic Trainers Note Surge In Skin Infections

Tweet Athletic trainers are on the front-line when its comes to discovering health problems with students including those who have skin infections. In a recent update to an annual survey