7 Quick Ways to Earn Cash This Summer

7 Quick Ways to Earn Cash This Summer
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    College students are in the middle of their summer break, but some have found that the money they thought would tide them over has been eaten up by higher gas prices, trips to the movie theater and new clothes.

    It seemed that $500 was a lot of money to keep you busy the 15 weeks between the end of the spring semester and the beginning of the fall semester, but it certainly hasn’t been enough.


Unless you already have a job, you know that replenishing your funds will take an extraordinary amount of luck, namely asking your financially squeezed parents to give you the cash. Don’t count on it: your mom and dad are already looking at your fall tuition bill and wondering how best to pay for it.

If you’re savvy, there are a number of ways to earn some cash this summer, including the following which do not require a tremendous amount of your time or a long-term commitment:

1. Sell blood or plasma — Blood shortages throughout the summer months means that blood banks are looking for donations. In some cases, you’ll get paid for your pint contribution, something that is especially so if you donate your plasma. Within an hour you’ll be done and walk out with $20 to $25 for your time…and fluids!

2. Sell it on Craigslist — While eBay is a great way to sell your stuff, you may find Craigslist to be suitable, given that you can reach local buyers. Part with that ring your ex-boyfriend gave you or that shirt you go at the Lady Gaga concert. If you don’t like the idea of someone coming to your home, meet him or her at the mall for your exchange.

3. Pawn your stuff — Maybe you don’t want to deal with a potential “Craigslist Killer” but still want some quick cash. You won’t get as much by pawning your stuff, but you’ll get some instant cash with even more money later if your stuff sells.

4. Sit for a child or a pet — You haven’t babysat since high school and maybe it is the last thing you’d rather do. For time pressed parents, however, you may be a godsend — someone who can take their child or children to the pool while they work. Babysitting pays upwards of $10 per hour. Take care of your charges for a few hours and you may be able to net $20 to $50. [1]

5. Hawk goods on the street — Be careful: in some locales you could get in trouble if you don’t have a retailers license. In all other locations, you may be able to quickly set up a table or hawk your goods to passing motorists. Fill up an ice chest with ice cold soda and charge three times the cost you paid for pop. A twelve pack can be had for under $4, allowing you to sell cold drinks for $1 a piece. This option can be lucrative if you have access to plenty of foot traffic.

6. Sell tickets — If you bought tickets to a popular concert and aren’t planning to go, there are plenty of people who may pay several times the face value for good seats at a high profile event. Scalping is legal in many jurisdictions, but make sure that the cash you get is not counterfeit and by all means never accept a check. [2]

7. Do a gig — If you can host a party, write articles or handle any other project such as designing a website, uploading a blog or inputting data, you can get a one-time gig and make some money. Gigs tend to last longer, but can pay you plenty. If you can design a website for a business, you can work your tail off for two or three days, and make $500 for your effort.

There are countless ways to make money quickly and legally. You don’t need to face a cashless summer and you may get enough money to tide you over once you return to school for the fall.


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