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Education Tips

How to Get Accepted By Prestigious U.

Tweet Ivy League, Duke, Stanford and other top-notch schools. Some people place the Ivies above all the rest, but most any reputable list (including Forbes’ America’s Best Colleges)includes Whitman College,

Personal Advice

Where to Find Student Housing

Tweet How to find off-campus housing. Off-Campus Housing There are several places you can go to look for student housing, including walks through neighborhoods where you take note of “for

Personal Advice

College Apartments: Tips, Tricks and Cautions

Tweet However, making the transition to private housing isn’t a simple process and it will certainly require much consideration and money on your part. Let’s take a look at how

Advanced Education

What Are the Advantages of Attending Community College?

Tweet Two-year colleges continue to appeal to millions of students. Today’s community and technical colleges are public-supported schools, receiving taxpayer support on the county or state level, sometimes both. So,

Campus News

College Cheating: How Widespread is it?

Tweet Cheating is a way of life for some students. What’s more, with the pressure to succeed being an enormous one, many students may be justifying what they do in

Advanced Education

Make the Most Out of Your College Career Fair

Tweet Face to face meetings help you get acquainted. Most high schools have them — these are usually one-day events where recruiting staff from local colleges and universities show up,