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Time Management for College Students

Tweet If you thought that high school time management was a challenge, you’ll soon realize that college life can be even more complex. You can reduce your personal stress and

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NCAA Rule Changes for College Football

Tweet Oversight panel approves new rules for 2012 college football season. When you tune in to watch your favorite college football team at play this season, you’ll quickly realize that

Personal Advice

Off to College: What to Bring

Tweet If you’re lucky, your college may even allow you to bring with you a small pet such as a canary or a hamster, but cats and dogs are rarely

Education Tips

Off to College: What to Expect

Tweet Deep inside many first-year students are scared witless, fearful that they’ll be quickly figured out for who they really are: individuals who don’t quite know what to expect and

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For Penn State, a Fate Worse Than Death

Tweet JoePa’s legacy receives an official beating. Penn State faithful need not have worried about its football program receiving the NCAA equivalent of a death penalty. On Monday it was

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Besieged Big East Conference Moves On

Tweet Conference rakes in $40 million from its settlements. Say what you will about the Big East Conference, but its death notice has been issued prematurely. Certainly, the conference has

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LinkedIn is Ideal for College Students

Tweet In 2010, just 5 percent of college students were using LinkedIn to find jobs, but in 2011 that number surged to 28 percent.[2] Likely, the word about LinkedIn is

Online Education

Making the Most Out of Distance Education

Tweet By Phil C. Stone It offers endless possibilities for teaching and learning in four basic ways: immediate access, flexibility, work training and lifelong learning. Immediate Access New communication technologies such

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Sallie Mae-Ipsos Survey Shows Changes in How Families Approach College

Tweet A college education is still very important for most people. On Monday, the two groups released details about its latest national survey, finding that 83 percent of college students

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Should Penn State Football Receive the Death Penalty?

Tweet Child abuse scandal tarnishes Joe Paterno’s legacy. Penn State’s football program should receive the NCAA’s version of the death penalty. At least that is the call by some following

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Notre Dame Makes a Play for the Orange Bowl

Tweet Fighting Irish are seeking a bit of bowl assurance. The University of Notre Dame is working to ensure that its football team has a place in the soon to

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What Journalism Majors Can Learn From the Journatic Debacle

Tweet Updated July 12, 2012 — Corrections: does not use Journatic to supply its content. Also, Ryan Smith’s article appears in The Guardian; he was not interviewed by the