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Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Rutgers Start Raises Comparison With 2006 Season

Tweet A new coach inspires Rutgers to rise to the next level. New Jersey is the birthplace of college football with the Rutgers Queensmen defeating the New Jersey Tigers 6

Campus News

Coming Up Short: High School Students

Tweet SAT benchmark reveals holes in college preparation. A recently released report from the College Board has revealed that just 43 percent of 2012 graduated students that took the SAT

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

5 Surprise Teams of the 2012 College Football Season

Tweet With the majority of teams now having played four games, the 2012 college football season is revealing a number of surprises. Those surprises include teams that have performed better

Personal Advice

12 Foundational Tips for College Freshmen

Tweet You can and will succeed at college if you want to. How is college working out for you? If you’re new to the college scene, that is you’re a

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

3 Weeks In: College Football

Tweet As always, the college football season offers a number of surprises, and after three weeks or 25 percent of the games played, we’re seeing some trends that may shape

Career Planning

The Average Salary of Elementary Education Teachers

Tweet Where the jobs are! As of 2010, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 1.66 million people are employed as kindergarten and elementary school teachers. Moreover, the job


23 Tips for Succeeding in College

Tweet The former choice is the better one as it assures you that you will work toward a degree within a certain amount of time. The latter choice has no


How to Write a Winning College Essay

Tweet Essay writing and your college application. An application alone can be daunting, but the accompanying college essay can be downright scary. Think, “essay” and you might believe that the


10 Tech Based College Success Tips

Tweet Many of today’s college students are tech savvy enough to get by but other will need a little guidance while they enter into the tech jungle known as modern

Education Tips

How to Successfully Summarize an Academic Article

Tweet You can write a winning article summary. Just wait until your professor hands you a 10-page white paper about small business development in an urban setting — you’ll soon

Personal Advice

High School Transcripts and How to Get Them

Tweet Maybe you did both. What?! Isn’t the fact that you are 42-years-old proof enough that you are a high school graduate? Uh, no… you will still need to furnish


How to Get Into College With a GED

Tweet Although a GED is the equivalent to a high school diploma, many colleges and universities require students to submit GED examination test scores and score a certain grade or