10 Tech Based College Success Tips

10 Tech Based College Success Tips
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    It wasn’t long ago that preparing for college meant buying pens, paper, notebooks and backpacks.

    Today those items may still come into play on a daily basis many of toady’s students are faced with looking for technology solutions to daily problems.


Many of today’s college students are tech savvy enough to get by but other will need a little guidance while they enter into the tech jungle known as modern college. This is a list of skills and advise for succeeding in college with the ever changing tech world we live in.

Photo Editing

It wont be long into college that students will face the challenge of standing up in front of the class and giving presentations. The presentation will call for clean and professional looking photos. This may require using software that you don’t already own to make the editing. In all cases try before you buy so you know what you are getting will work

PDF Creator

The devices in college may vary from a PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or laptop. The software that blesses these machines will vary even more greatly. Each software will save the file in an extension unique to the program. If you want to share these documents then it may be the best policy to make them into a PDF using a PDF creator. This will allow the document to be seen on any device and will retain its original form.

Audio Lectures

Recording lectures, sounds, and other audio for college projects will add study helps and a nice touch to presentations. A simple mic attached to a tablet or smartphone or a audio recoding device can be found inexpensively. This will open up a new world of capturing audio for future use.

Make a Website

Learning to create a website or a blog and manage it during college to document life, build a portfolio or even generate revenue through e-commerce is a very appealing skill to potential employers. Some classes may require the creation of a website but taking the initiative and learning the skill and art of web creation can pay off in the future.

Printing Wirelessly

Colleges are still requiring hard copies of class work. This means that printing will be necessary and can be a big expense on a college budget. Take advantage of printing technology that allows for wireless printing from smartphone, tablets, or laptops to print your work as cheaply and economically as possible. This may take some creative planning but with mobile devices printing can be done without the cost of owning and maintaining your own printer.


All your mobile devices will need to be charged. Relying on your dorm room charger or car charger may leave you in trouble if you run low on juice when you need it. If your mobile device is a primary source of computing consider investing in a mobile docking station or attachable battery for longer use.

Device Accessories

The chances of needing more that just what a laptop, tablet or smartphone has by itself is a real possibility. This means you will need to accessorize your devices. Laptops can burn up leaving them fried and useless. Consider a laptop fan to protect your investment from getting too hot. Make the most of a tablet or smartphone and use a portable wireless keyboard. This will allow you to stay light and mobile while being able to type quickly and efficiently without sending your thumbs into violent muscle spams from overwork. Presentations will take some planning and accessories if you plan on using your own devices to connect with a classroom projector or computer. Get your own connector cords you can own and use at all your presentations.

Security and Safety

The sheer amount of passwords can be, well, not easy to remember and very damaging if stolen. Computer safety practices must be followed to stay protected and safe. Use strong separate passwords for each of your accounts. Never share passwords or leave them where they can be found. Always log out of your accounts when done. Try to avoid logging into someone else computer, they could have a spyware or a key-logger to track passwords. Be careful what personal information you share because there are no 100% safe programs.

File Sharing

Group work will call for members of the group to contribute to a single document or presentation. The old way of carrying a USB device or sending the latest document to all members is over. Now group members can all access the same document via the cloud. All files are stored in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere and updated with the latest changes.

Backup Files

It is terrible to think about loosing files or loosing a hard drive with all your pics, vids, and work but it can happen. Backing up the information on a external hard drive or CDs are a solution. Another solution is backing everything to the cloud. The advantage here is that you will be able to access your information from any device anywhere.

The college technological experience has evolved and continues to evolve. Armed with the right tools a college student can learn and grow quickly in a technological environment. Tech savvy college kids have a strong advantage both in school and after graduation.

About the Author: Jared Jaureguy is an independent Technology Consultant. You can follow Jared on Twitter @JaredJaureguy.

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