Do You Meet the Minimum Requirements for College?

Do You Meet the Minimum Requirements for College?


Quite easily, you may meet the minimum requirements for some colleges and miss out for others. Every college has admissions requirements, even if they are touted as “open admissions” as many community and technical colleges are. As you seek entrance into a college, keep the following in mind as you apply.

Diploma or Equivalent — If you are a high school senior, you won’t receive your diploma until after the college has made its decision about your application. That’s okay as you will forward your final transcripts to your choice of college once you graduate.

If you drop out of high school, many colleges will accept a General Education Development equivalent in lieu of a diploma. If you are a homeschooler, your college may have special requirements for you given that you do not have a diploma to present.

College Entrance Testing — Many colleges and universities require students to sit for the SAT or ACT, and to forward those scores as part of its minimum requirements. You may not necessarily know what the minimum score is that the school wants, and some schools may use these tests as just one of several criteria when weighing college applications.

A number of schools no longer require admittance testing as a minimum requirement. Instead, these schools may rely on several other factors including your application, a college essay and your high school performance.

Grade Point Average — How well you perform in high school can be a good indicator on how you well you will do in college. Many colleges and universities require students to have a minimum grade point average for consideration. That GPA is typically figured on a 4.0 scale with students achieving a 3.0 and higher having a better chance of gaining admission at some colleges.

Besides GPA, your college will look at the various extra-curricular activities that you were involved in while you were in high school. This can include school clubs, mission work that you did for your church, community volunteering opportunities and a part-time job.

Your Preparation

Quite frankly, some schools will look at all three areas and weigh your application accordingly. As a high school senior, you can continue to maintain or improve your grades, retake your entrance exams in a quest for higher scores and finish your high school years strong. You not only want to meet your college’s minimum requirements, but to exceed them, so keep your foot on the pedal to finish your education strong.


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